How Do You Compete With The 800lb Gorilla In Your Market?

By utilizing one of the best lead generation and custom automation processes, developed and utilized by some of the largest digital marketing agencies in the world for 1/6th the cost.

Our Packages Include

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    Our Services

    We have helped some of the largest and most expensive digital marketing agencies manage and operate all the following services. We found a way to make it affordable and extremely profitable for you and your business.

    Facebook/IG Advertising

    We utilize Facebook & Instagram Advertising to reach your chosen demographics in order to attain the most qualified leads for your business.

    Email Automation

    We utilize email automation for both lead delivery to your business and potential sales information about that lead that helps convert that lead into business.

    CRM/Lead/Call Tracking

    We track and collect all Lead information in order to help assist you in the sales process including call tracking/recordings and lead form information.

    Analytics & Reporting

    Every week/month you will get detailed video reports to highlight how your advertising is doing along with a real-time interactive visual report.

    Google Ad Management

    We run Google Ads for your business with a variety of different campaign types including search, display and video advertisements that are geared toward conversions.

    Customized Landing Pages

    We create custom optimized landing pages for each of your products/services that promote and highlight the benefits of your business.

    LinkedIn Marketing

    We will utilize LinkedIn advertising and other platforms that help get lead information directly from LinkedIn.

    Drip Campaigns

    You have to reach a little further these days. We create email drip campaigns to make sure that your lead turns into business.

    Email Marketing

    Once you have a lead its always great to follow up with them regularly. We will run and operate your email marketing initiatives. Sending newsletters, reminders and more.


    About Marketing Apes

    A lead generation and automation process developed for large expensive digital marketing agencies offered to you at 1/6th the cost.

    Since 2006, Marketing Apes has worked with very large companies and some of the largest digital marketing agencies in the United States & Europe as a manager and white label partner. We've managed millions of dollars in advertising spend, getting the best marketing results for various clients. In 2019 we managed over $7.5 million in ad spend between Google and Facebook alone, while helping these agencies develop a process that truly utilizes marketing to supplement sales. While working with these other agencies and companies we realized that they charged clients far too much for their services. That is why we created our extremely affordable packages. It is our goal to get you even better results for an affordable rate. We don't believe you should pay more because you want to spend more on your advertising.

    Our Packages

    If you are looking to just testing something out or looking to dominate your market, we have packages that get results.

    750per month


    • Facebook/IG Advertising
    • Email Automation
    • CRM/Lead List Integration
    • Monthly Reporting
    1500per month


    • Facebook Advertising
    • Google Advertising
    • Custom Landing Pages
    • Call Tracking & Recording
    • CRM/Lead List Integration
    • Email Automation
    • Monthly Reporting
    2000per month


    • Facebook/Instagram Advertising
    • Google Advertising
    • LinkedIn Lead Marketing
    • Custom Landing Pages
    • Call Tracking & Recording
    • CRM/Lead List Integration
    • Email Automation
    • Email Drip Campaigns
    • Email Marketing
    • Weekly Reporting

    Certified Partners

    For over 10 years we've been Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook Blueprint Certified Partners.


    In 2019 we managed over $7.5 million in ad spend for some of the largest lead marketing agencies in the nation. We now want to offer you those same great results for extremely affordable prices to you.

    Our Process

    See how we help your business utilize digital marketing and lead generation to compete with the gorillas in your market.