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Looking for advice and insights? Give these franchising podcasts a listen.
Podcasts have become the one of the most popular mediums for , education and . With everything from sports to comedy to fitness and true crime, listeners can find endless resources to expand their interests and skills — and franchising is no exception.
There are dozens of franchising podcasts to choose from, so much so that it can be difficult to know where to begin, so start here.
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Entrepreneur Weekly is Entrepreneur’s flagship podcast. Hosted by Alan Taylor, an award-winning broadcaster, the segment offers valuable information on all things , latest insights, and first-person experiences of entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Give it a listen here.
Created by the ‘s most prominent trade group, the (IFA), Franchise Voice is produced on a bi-monthly basis. While it was only launched in February of this year, the podcast has quickly become a highly coveted guest slot opportunity. Give it a listen here.
Another IFA-affiliated podcast is Her Success: The Stories of Female Franchise Leaders. This broadcast was created by the IFA Women’s Franchise Committee and features a series of one-on-one interviews with female business leaders from all corners of the industry. Give it a listen here.
Hosted by franchise industry veteran Jack Monson, The Franchise News Podcast hosts multiple broadcasts, including their flagship podcast, Social Geek Radio. The show features a variety of franchise industry experts who provide insight on trends, , small business ownership and branding. Give it a listen here.
Another podcast in the Social Geek Radio family is Just Jania, hosted by Jania Bailey, longtime CEO of FranNet, a national leader in the franchise consultancy world. This recurring podcast features Jania’s expert guests discussing all things franchising. Give it a listen here.
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Franchising 101 just passed its 100th episode milestone. Produced by FranCoach, this show is led by a team of franchising experts who offer a variety of perspectives, advice, and opportunities, all curated for a rapt audience of budding entrepreneurs. Give it a listen here.
Erik Van Horn, one of the franchising industry’s most prolific specialists, hosts Franchise Secrets, a podcast that provides expert tactical advice and practical tools for franchisors and franchisees alike. New episodes air every Wednesday. Give it a listen here.
Franchise Today is a veteran in the world of franchising podcasts. Now in its 13th year of production, Franchise Today offers listeners top-notch insights and best practices. The broadcast recently crossed the 500th episode threshold. Hosted by Stan Friedman, president of FRM Solutions, the show airs every Wednesday. Give it a listen here.
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Dr. Kathy Gosser, PhD, hosts Franchise U!, which provides educational and inspirational content for those who have made franchising a career choice. Gosser spent more than three decades with Yum! Brands, working in organizational development while serving as the chair of the KFC Foundation. Franchise U! is produced by the Yum! Center for Global Franchise Excellence, part of the University of Louisville’s College of Business. Give it a listen here.
Modrn Business offers the latest insights on business tech in the franchise industry with commentary from host Ryan Hicks, a self-styled technology evangelist, and his two co-hosts, Zack Fishman and Ashley Schuetz. Give it a listen here.
Hosted by digital marketing guru Eulerity, The Darwinian Times: Survival Of The Nimblest, offers a fresh look at the ways in which cutting edge technology is shaping our business practices, culture and lifestyle. Industry leading guests offer strategies and advice for coping in a world rife with slashed budgets and limited resources. Give it a listen here.
A relative newcomer on the scene, Digital Shoptalk, breaks down the latest strategies and advice in the world of digital advertising and marketing. The trio of hosts — featuring Josh Allen, Alex Porter and Vera Shafiq of Location3 — tackle this complicated topic with grace and precision. Give it a listen here.
Netsertive, an industry leading provider in the multi-market digital marketing arena, produces two insightful podcasts. The Multi-Location Marketing Leader podcast features guest interviews and topics geared towards brands and franchisors who specialize in the multi-market landscape. Give it a listen here.
The Art of Franchise Marketing is exactly what it sounds like — advice and insight from some of the industry’s most prominent executives. Give it a listen here.
The duo of Dan Claps and Christian Dudalak, co-founders of Find a Business Online, host The Franchise Founders podcast. The show offers first-person advice from franchise executives and successful business owners. The topics include all-things franchising, and you can give it a listen here.
Hosted by Thomas Scott and Leo Goldberger, co-founders of the Home Based Franchise Group, So, You Want to be a CEO is an entertaining and informative podcast that discusses the journey of personal business ownership. If becoming the CEO is your end goal, tune in to hear the latest thoughts and ideas meant to encourage your effort. Give it a listen here.
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