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Bold Digital Marketing Studio was chosen as a winner in the Outstanding Diverse Organization category in Orlando Business Journal‘s 2022 Diversity in Business Awards. The honorees were featured in OBJ‘s June 10, 2022, weekly edition.
The Orlando-based firm is a fully remote digital marketing studio that helps companies create meaningful connections between brands and the U.S. Hispanic market through creative digital tactics and a culturally relevant approach. It helps clients find solutions to their digital marketing needs via reaching their intended audiences by focusing on strategic positioning, innovation, visibility and growth.
Here’s more from Ana Carolina Salazar, CEO and founder of Bold Digital Marketing Studio:
What is your company/organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion mission? Bold, authentic, and diverse. We celebrate diversity every day, we honor our stories, and embrace our talent with open hearts and minds. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment, all while working remotely. Our culture of belonging and diverse workforce helps inspire creative solutions that drive our success. Diversity attracts diversity. We provide innovative and unique digital marketing strategies with a cultural approach to connect our clients with the Hispanic market. By targeting the Hispanic market, our clients expand into new sectors, attracting potential clients. We go beyond language and focus on the importance of regional differences, generation gaps and cultural diversity. We are Hispanic, so we understand what it is to be Hispanic. As part of this minority group, we don’t just translate. We understand the language, behavior, feelings and customs of this diverse market.
What role did you do you play in that? I am not only the CEO and founder of Bold, but I am also an immigrant from Venezuela, so diversity runs through my veins. After emigrating to the U.S., I embraced the culture and made it my second home. I always have been very connected to my roots through community service, work and the like. Many years ago, I saw a need within the Hispanic market and decided to start a business that could help others connect with this audience through digital marketing, as there was a strong lack of outreach at the time. Today, Bold has a team of professionals from all parts of the globe who had to emigrate from their home countries to start from scratch, which gave me the ability to provide them with job opportunities that may be difficult to attain in those countries.
How has that mission changed in the last year? This past year, I have had the chance to connect with some amazing people from all walks of life. I was a sponsor of the Women’s Conference of Florida. As part of my sponsorship, I was able to invite individuals from different races and genders to attend as my special guests. This gave them the opportunity to connect with other diverse individuals and groups, particularly other women from all races and nationalities. I now make sure that at any event or conference, I always am connecting with diverse individuals outside of Hispanics to expose them to our culture and values.
What was your company’s top accomplishment in the last year to facilitate greater DE&I? This year, we implemented many new processes and opportunities for our employees by providing them with flexible work hours/meeting times since we have remote workers in different time zones, virtual job/internship programs that allow us to tap into top, diverse talent regardless of location, ongoing training and education to ensure opportunities for growth, hire and promote women and people of color, create a safe space for employees to voice their concerns and acknowledge them for their achievements.
We also developed a culture manual (similar to an employee handbook), which we present to new hires and current team members to acknowledge and accept the culture we follow as a company. In this manual, we cover certain values/pillars in detail that each person must follow when they become a member of Team Bold, the tools we use internally, and the benefits each employee receives as being a part of this team.
In addition, we developed brand campaigns that appealed specifically to female and underrepresented audiences. We also honored one of our key pillars, “be kind,” by servicing an organization that is making an impact in our community. We involved ourselves with groups committed to advancing racial/social justice, equality and providing economic opportunities in the communities we serve. One of our newest clients is Hope CommUnity Center. Hope CommUnity Center fosters diverse, empowered, learning communities engaged in personal and societal transformation. Through service and advocacy, they stand together with immigrants and others who are tenacious and courageous in the face of all systems of oppression. Since they are a nonprofit organization, we collaborate with them by providing them with a discount on the services we offer. We act as the digital marketing arm of their organization and have been able to take them to the next level with a robust social media strategy that is tailored to their exact needs.
What did it take to get that done? Listen, learn, act. That is the motto I followed to build my business into what it is today. I wanted to create a company that followed the same culture as the type of company I wanted to work for. I started by being open and listening to my team. I asked what made them feel valued and helped them understand they were contributing to something bigger than themselves. Furthermore, I held monthly one-on-one meetings to learn more about what they were looking for in a company and in their own lives. I incorporated much of their feedback into many of our processes, procedures and other special initiatives, which in turn, made them feel included, involved and accepted, ultimately giving them a sense of belonging. Over the years, I have worked hard to ensure that my team always is exposing themselves to new things outside the countries where they live, even from afar. Community involvement is a big passion of mine. Including my team in these initiatives gives them a sense of fulfillment by knowing they can contribute their talent toward something that can help enhance other communities outside their own.
Why is having a diverse organization important for a company? A diverse workforce is more likely to understand all of your clients by providing insight and developing effective ideas to fulfill them, rather than just a few of them. Diversity in the workplace increases employee morale, a desire to work more effectively and provides access to a broader range of talent, resulting in more profitability for a business. Ultimately, this creates a sense of community which is the secret to a successful, thriving workplace and a fair work culture.
What is the greatest hurdle for DE&I progress in Florida right now? The lack of diversity in boardrooms, specifically in large corporations. It is crucial to have more diverse individuals on boards to serve as sounding boards, so others can learn more about what different races, cultures and orientations can bring to their company. For example, only 1% of women currently serve on boards and very few of them are Hispanic. Approximately 4.1% of all Fortune 500 board seats were held by people who identified as Hispanic or Latino, according to the Deloitte and ABD Missing Pieces Report: The Board Diversity Census of Women and Minorities on Fortune 500 Boards, 6th Edition.
Which Central Florida industry/sector do you believe is doing the best job at advancing diversity? Arts, education, hospitality and economic development (minority chambers), just to name a few. Today, many companies are doing their part to move the needle forward and advance diversity in all aspects.
How can companies and organizations make their workplace culture more inclusive? Some great ways of making the workforce culture more inclusive is to educate leaders, so they are included in every aspect of a company’s DE&I efforts. Listen to employees and allow them to provide feedback on how to create or improve company policies in turn, giving them a sense of belonging. Speak inclusively using language like “we,” “they,”etc. Understand and adapt to other employees’ personal schedules and provide employees with benefits like having certain holidays off that are celebrated as part of their culture like Christmas/New Years, major US holidays or other religious holidays.
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