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In this live webinar, you’ll learn how to upgrade your recruiting and retention strategies to keep top digital marketing talent on your team.
Demand and competition for digital marketing talent are steadily on the rise.
If you’re looking to expand your SEO and content marketing teams in 2023, you must be prepared to offer what top candidates are looking for.
Job candidates are currently in the driver’s seat, and employers, like you, have to compete to win over skilled marketers who are likely to receive multiple offers.
So, how can you attract, hire, and retain the most sought-after talent in today’s candidate-driven market?
What adjustments can you make to your recruiting strategy to make sure that you’re offering the benefits that top SEO and content marketers value most?
In our next webinar, How To Hire Top SEO & Content Marketing Talent In 2023, we’ll cover the latest in:
The job landscape is evolving, and if you’re seeking skilled SEO and content marketing talent, you’ll want to know how surging demand will impact your candidate search.
Benefits such as remote work and better work-life balance are still in high demand for talent, while others are beginning to level off.
Research also shows that marketers are increasingly seeking companies with unlimited PTO and a pet-friendly office, as well as telemedicine or telehealth benefits.
In order to make your offer packages more attractive, it’s critical to understand the benefits that digital marketing talent values most.
And since the pandemic, many of the recruitment and retention strategies embraced by companies have changed.
Join this webinar and discover what has changed to help advance your 2023 hiring strategy.
There are certain aspects of corporate culture that appeal most to potential hires.
According to Conductor search data, the top item noted by digital marketers is inclusive work culture, followed closely by a healthy work-life balance.
Company culture is usually the deciding factor when it comes to retaining talented digital marketers.
Join this webinar and discover all the new search trends to help advance your 2023 hiring strategy.
In this session, Shannon Vize, Content Strategy Lead at Conductor, and Tara Fitzgerald, Total Rewards Manager at Conductor, discuss how you can set your digital marketing team up for success next year.
You’ll Learn:
Ready to step up your hiring practices and attract the best talent for your digital and organic marketing team? Join us on November 2 at 2 p.m. ET to start developing your winning recruitment and retention strategy.
You’ll have the opportunity to ask about your unique situation, too, in a live Q&A session.
Can’t make the webinar live? Sign up anyway, and we’ll send you the on-demand version after the event.
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