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The digital marketing landscape provides leveled opportunities for businesses to market their wares in front of potential customers and win them over. 
You don’t need a hefty budget to build awareness, pull in leads or drive up sales—just the right digital marketing strategies. Our handy guide explores five tactics you can follow to increase B2B Sales

By 2025, up to 60 percent of B2B sales will transition to data-driven selling. I didn’t come up with that stat, a report by Gartner did.
“Spray and pray” methods are far too unreliable for the cutthroat environment that is today’s market. Businesses no longer want to waste resources reaching masses who don’t need their products/services. 
What they need is precision targeting. 
They want to channel their efforts and resources into tactics that pay off and leveraging internal and third-party data can offer that.
Working with data goes beyond collecting a bunch of disjointed data. It’s about connecting the dots and analyzing the information to harness insights that will drive your campaigns.
How do you do this?

According to McKinsey & Company, businesses that transform their processes to make customer experiences better, enjoy a 10 to 15 percent revenue growth.
Such experiences should start at the initial point of contact, during the purchase, and long after the sale has been completed.
Happy customers appreciate your brand. They trust in the products/services you offer and believe your organization will support them as they work on their goals. If you thrill them, they will come back for more and possibly refer others.
Here are tactics to help keep customers happy:

Landing pages are great for both lead generation and driving conversions. 
As visitors come to your website through ads, social platforms, or email campaigns, they land on a page that tells them what to do next.
Here are some ways to leverage landing pages for sales:

Sales wins start with conversations. What is it about these conversations that influence the prospect’s purchase decision?
According to a study by RAIN Group, up to 96 percent of buyers indicated that sellers who focused on the value they could offer impacted buying decisions. 
If you can spell out the value your solutions can add to a prospect’s business, to help them thrive, they will listen. That conversation starts with a cold call
Best practices include:

According to a study by Wyzowl, 78 percent of the interviewees revealed that watching a video convinced them to make purchases or download software or apps.
Video is a versatile tool that marketers engage to meet a wide range of functions including lead generation, product awareness, answering questions, and driving sales.
Here are top video formats for increasing sales:
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