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DULUTH, Minn. – The 9th annual Zenith Digital Marketing Conference was held Tuesday at the Greysolon Plaza and Zeitgeist.
Marketing experts from around the nation were flown in to speak to business leaders in the community about new trends in digital marketing. The conference was last held in 2019, and pre-pandemic Fuse and the Duluth Chamber of Commerce would host around 130 events like this a year.
Director Martha Bremer says having these discussions about the changes in the market since COVID started is key to remain relevant as digital marketing is ever changing.
“Depending on what industry you’re in kind of affects how much you were impacted by COVID and I think so many of the marketing trends changed during COVID as well with quarantine. And so, it’s just critical for people to get back together to learn the new things that we have experienced over the last two years and get on top of the new trends,” Director of Fuse and Leadership Duluth with Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, Martha Bremer says.
The conference also had Christi Olson, Head of Paid Search for Microsoft, in attendance as a keynote speaker.

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