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A Kansas City-based company is ready to help brands and marketing agencies tackle a new challenge: the death of third-party cookies.
Third-party cookies have been used to track a consumer’s activity across multiple websites and then deliver targeted ads. But changes to consumer privacy and consent are making third-party cookies a less reliable option for measuring a marketing campaign’s success.
Google, for example, announced it’s removing support for third-party cookies in its Chrome browser, and Apple is requiring apps on its app store to ask users for permission to track them across apps and websites owned by other companies.
“The marketing industry’s on the cusp of some really significant changes that we haven’t seen since the onset of the digital age,” ChannelMix CEO and co-founder Matt Hertig said. “With third-party cookies going away, the marketing industry – including brands and agencies – will have to transform not only how they target and reach customers and future customers, but also how they measure the impact marketing has on the organization.”
It requires a first-party data strategy, which ChannelMix offers.
Earlier this year, Alight Analytics rebranded to ChannelMix, the name of its marketing analytics software. The rebrand simplifies the company’s message and showcases its focus on building “future-ready products” that meet the needs of where the industry is headed, he said.
More than 50% of marketing spend in the U.S. is digital, making the deprecation of third-party cookies an even bigger blow, he said.
“Philosophically, we’ve always believed in a first-party data strategy,” Hertig said of ChannelMix. “The reality, though, is the marketing industry has just relied on third-party cookies way too much. … There’s so many flaws in that process.”
Unlike competitors, ChannelMix doesn’t tackle one or two pieces of marketing analytics. It offers a well-rounded solution that aggregates data from sources such as a company’s website, marketing platforms and a brand’s customer relationship management system. It provides the full marketing picture, allowing agencies and brands to track and measure the performance of digital ad campaigns. Features include identifying and measuring the marketing mediums with the best return on investment and using machine learning to forecast a marketing campaign’s success.
“It’s a cookie-less solution,” he said.
And it’s one that Hertig thinks will grow ChannelMix’s revenue by about 25% this year.
“Then we look to really accelerate past that mark over the next couple of years from a revenue growth perspective,” he said.
ChannelMix employs more than 50 people and plans to grow its sales and marketing team by 20% this year. Its customer base already includes big-name brands such as Adidas, the NBA and Konica Minolta. Some of its local clients include Academy Bank and Attane, formerly known as GlynnDevins.
“In some ways, we’re our own best case study,” said ChannelMix Senior Director of Marketing Rachel Metzler, who regularly uses ChannelMix’s software to guide the company’s decision making. “We can say, ‘This is working or this isn’t working, or hey, we need to invest more in this area so we can see better results.’ Maybe that requires (an increased) headcount.”
Hertig added: “The questions that Rachel’s asking as a marketing director are not always the same questions that I’m asking as the CEO, so it’s a great case study of the conversations that happen.”
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