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January 13, 2023 | 6 min read
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2023’s a big year for search, with Google sunsetting its Universal Analytics offering in favor of Google Analytics 4. Chris Attewell of specialist agency Search Laboratory runs down opportunities for the year ahead.
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Arguably, the last couple of years have taught us more about the digital world than ever before. Changes around data, privacy and consent have forced technology to evolve, encouraging a shift toward a mature and future-proofed approach.
As we move into a cookie-less future and adapt to the ever-changing social landscape, strategies must be agile to keep pace with change. Here are five opportunities to optimize your marketing in 2023.
Data has been at the forefront of our minds for several years, with new tracking modes slowly becoming the default. Google has now announced an official date (July 1, this year) for the disabling of Universal Analytics, when businesses will need to move to the data-driven model in GA4.
Using the available tools to fill the gaps in broken user journeys is more important than ever as businesses battle with the decline of cookies. One of the many innovative developments born from this shift is Google Signals. To implement effective modeling, the platform holds data on users logged into a Google account on their mobile or desktop devices if they have consented to ads personalization.
Making the shift to GA4 and getting comfortable with these new tools is crucial ahead of 2023’s 1st July cut-off. Implement as much data as possible, and sculpt the platform around your business needs, to get the most out of the innovation.
Automation has become increasingly relevant for businesses to manage day-to-day tasks. Changes around consent and cookies have forced shifts in how we optimize and report on campaigns, as well as how we measure their success.
Several solutions are now widely available within Google Ads, such as Smart Bidding, Dynamic Search Campaigns and Performance Max. All of these are free for everyone to use.
The accessibility of these tools has leveled the playing field, highlighting the importance of supplementing them with your own insights and first-party data to get the most out of the technology.
This year has seen a rise in CMS systems such as Shopify after Google implemented the multitask unified model (MUM) update in 2021, taking a more multi-modal direction. The update aims to provide thoughtful answers to searches, using AI to consider the nuances of requests and reduce the number of searches required.
As well as understanding information across text and images, and eventually video and audio, MUM is trained across 75 different languages and many varying tasks at once, allowing it to develop a more comprehensive understanding than previously possible.
Apps like Google Lens have also gained popularity, highlighting the importance of optimizing websites and content for a variety of media that users are searching for.
TikTok, meanwhile, continues to boom and will be more present than ever in 2023. The video platform’s popularity has started to reflect when topics have entered the public eye and conversations are happening globally.
Personalization has become more prominent than ever this year. Google’s Ads Creative studio has gained popularity across industries, encouraging a shift toward more hyper-personalized content and aligning with where customers are on their journey, and what they expect to see.
With value-led content, companies are pushing personal messaging around what matters to them, as opposed to strictly what they do. This move toward more personal and conscious content resonates with audiences looking to buy into brands as a personality rather than solely a service.
2022 showed that everyone and everything needs to be adaptable to change. Marketing shifted dramatically during the Covid-19 pandemic and strategies were flipped on their heads.
The social landscape is arguably more changeable than ever, with the cost of living dominating the news. These sensitive topics affect how marketers communicate with their audiences. Journalists are also looking for more practical content around saving money and resources, which is important to consider in your PR and content strategies.
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