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Pittsburgh, PA – (NewMediaWire) – January 5, 2023 – College student Caleb Grenek began studying computer science in order to get a better understanding of the digital world. He quickly discovered that there was a disconnect between a large amount of businesses and digital tools causing them to miss out on major opportunities. Caleb noticed that users on social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram were taking advantage of this to promote hustle culture. People seeking to make quick cash could start a makeshift white label marketing agency and charge businesses to distribute their problems to various freelancers, inevitably ruining the client-agency relationship. That's when Caleb founded Phase 2 Digital Solutions.
Phase 2 Digital Solutions aims to tackle the quick cash stigma by creating a team of real experts in the digital world who are constantly learning new skills. Phase 2 specializes in bringing businesses into the digital world or enhancing current online businesses by finding real solutions to their problems or concerns. Studying the digital trends, the team is always open to nurturing real relationships with its clients by understanding their problems and seeking the best solution.
Their main services include ad management, graphic design, and website designing, but what makes them unique is their transparent approach to solving real customer issues. Phase 2 avoids adhering to strict product packages or services in order to help unique problems or scenarios. The team is always open to listen to client problems and tackle the issue themselves. They value their transparency and will guide clients in the right direction if they believe it is out of the scope of their current skill sets.
Phase 2 has grown ecommerce stores, clothing brands, and individual persons. They are always looking to increase their expertise and experience. Caleb says, "A huge misconception in today's hustle culture is that the internet makes earning money easier. The truth is that it makes it more accessible. You still have to put in countless hours, learn the ins and outs of your trade, and build honest relationships with your clients and customers."
Caleb hopes to bring this idea to more younger people through Phase 2 by setting the standards high for online businesses and agencies. If you run a business, whether it be online or not, you could be missing out on a serious amount of money by avoiding ads, website creation, professional graphics, or even the internet itself. Increasing your online presence can be the most useful tool for your business by opening up more doors and exposure than ever before. Check out to see what Caleb and his team can do to take your business to Phase 2.
Phase 2 Digital Solutions
Caleb Grenek
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