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St. Louis businesses looking to begin a digital marketing initiative need to make sure they have all their facts straight. The right initiatives could boost their revenues substantially, while the wrong campaigns could be a complete waste of time and money. Demystify the situation and separate fact from fiction with these six digital marketing myths.
Myth #1: Hitting digital marketing goals and metrics is all that matters
Many businesses use metrics like social media followers, page views, likes and comments to judge the value of their online presence. While that kind of engagement can help businesses build an online community around their brands, if those likes and shares are not bringing in more conversions and sales, then the strategy needs to pivot.
Beware of vanity metrics. Those are superficial numbers that might look good but do not actually provide helpful information on the success of a digital marketing effort. One of the biggest offenders here is website traffic. A campaign designed to maximize traffic could see huge success, but that spike in visitors to a business’s site will not matter if they do not convert into customers.
Instead of focusing on increasing general traffic, focus on increasing the right kind of traffic. Pay special attention to conversion rates and other more valuable metrics like time on site, pages per user and bounce rate.
Myth #2: Some industries are too boring for traditional digital marketing
It’s true that some niche industries never have a chance of going viral. However, with the right message and strategy, anyone should be able to find their target customers. As long as a business is tailoring its message to the specific needs of its ideal customers, it can find an audience online, no matter how supposedly boring it is.
Myth #3: Blogging is dead
Although blogging has changed over the years, experts have checked the pulse and come back swearing that blogging is very much still alive. Blogging has significant search engine optimization (SEO) impacts as well as helpful resources for potential customers. People are always going to have questions about procedures, products and best practices. A business’s blog could be the first place they turn for answers.
Myth #4: Small businesses can’t compete with large ones, so it’s not worth trying
While many organizations have a small fraction of the budgets of massive corporations, businesses of any size can still build an effective digital marketing strategy.
Being small comes with its own advantages. A tiny team can be more agile and adaptable, allowing strategy changes on the fly. Those smaller scopes can also lead to more specific (and therefore effective) audience targeting.
Myth #5: Retargeting is creepy
When a business runs ads to reengage audiences who have already visited its website or social profiles, that is considered retargeting. Some people are under the impression that ads following them around is unsettling or speaks to a breach of privacy. The truth is, retargeting keeps a brand at the top of a potential customer’s mind, and if the marketers involved follow best practices, it feels helpful instead of creepy.
Myth #6: Beginning a digital marketing initiative is only necessary if competitors are doing it, too
Some are under the impression that if their competitors are not doing digital marketing, that must mean it will not work for their industry. Not so. Beginning a digital marketing campaign without any major competitors in the mix is actually a great opportunity to get a leg up on them. With the right strategy in place, a business can reach its target audience online without any interference from competitors. Choosing to be proactive instead of reactive can lead to great results.
There are so many more marketing myths where those came from
The bottom line is, nearly every business can build a successful online strategy if it has access to the right knowledge and tools. Learning more about the current digital marketing landscape can be a great first step toward building a results-oriented campaign — these myths were just the tip of the iceberg.
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