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In this modern digital world that we increasingly find ourselves living in, it’s no surprise that consumers continue to use technology in increasingly more sophisticated ways. The internet is now firmly established as the primary means by which consumers find local services or products they need. This provides great opportunities for business owners willing to capitalise on this digital source of potential customers, but it also means businesses unwilling to evolve may get left behind.
The mere presence of the internet is not what is killing local businesses, but rather it’s their lack of willingness or know-how to implement effective local digital marketing. Thus, it is often the inability to adapt and turn what they may see as an impediment into an advantage that may be their undoing.
Here, we’re going to try to help local businesses address this issue and turn what at first glance may appear to be a threat into an asset. This isn’t rocket science or magic, and it’s important to remember that many traditional online strategies still apply to local marketing. The key is applying each with a local twist to maximise your ROI.
Bee Cuevas is the founder of Digital Marketer Bee, a full-service digital marketing agency in Albury-Wodonga that places an emphasis on client profit results rather than marketing metrics.
Their objective is to build on their clients’ success to become a leading digital marketing firm and to introduce to Australia’s regional areas a new method of approaching digital marketing that is more in line with local values.
Local marketing is really all about building a presence in your community. You need to be found where your actual customers are living and looking. There are tons of channels and options you can use. Today we’re going to focus on the big three: 1) SEO, 2) paid advertising, and 3) Social media.
Local SEO Search Engine Optimisation – Be easily found online
The vast majority of consumers now use their phones to look for local goods and services, and of those that conduct such a search, half then proceed to visit a store within 24 hours. This reveals why it’s critical to be easily found online.
Furthermore, more than half of on-the-go smartphone searches and in-store searches have local intent, meaning that people are looking to avail themselves of a product or service that can be sourced locally, and ideally quickly. This again demonstrates why it is so important to make sure that your website is targeting local keywords.
What are the primary keywords you want to rank for? To figure this out, ask yourself what customers are typing into Google search when they’re looking for a product or service like yours.
Type those queries in yourself and see which businesses are currently ranking for those words or phrases.
Social Media – Share resources that will make your customers’ lives better
A lot of local businesses give up on social media because it can feel like a massive waste of time. Usually, however, the problem is just that they’re attacking it haphazardly rather than strategically. A more considered approach to your efforts can actually be one of the quickest and most effective local marketing channels out there.
With social media, your goal is always to build a personal relationship with your customer base. With local businesses, it’s even more important since your customers will likely be dealing with you or your team personally at some point. To offer value to your prospective customers, share resources that will make their lives better and try to post interesting or useful content.
Part of the reason people are willing to pay more to support small businesses is that they believe the money is more likely to come back into the community.
Paid Advertising – target your ads extremely well
Sites like Facebook and Google have access to a lot of data. This means that they have the ability to put your ads in front of the right prospects.
Not only do these companies have the data to properly place your ads–but they also have an incentive to. You want people to click on your ad, and so do they. Since you pay-per-click, they want to make sure people are actually clicking. Additionally, they want to make sure the people who click the ads are the people who are most likely to make a purchase. You’re only going to keep advertising through them if you see a return on your investment.
The internet is not going anywhere. To continue to thrive in this modern digital world, it is imperative that local businesses adapt and evolve. By doing so, they can make the most of this powerful tool for bringing in customers and leads. For those who may be hesitant, the old adage “in the cave you fear to enter lies the treasure that you seek” rings true.

Bee Cuevas
Digital Marketer Bee
[email protected]
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