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Aug 25, 2022, 08:45 ET
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PHOENIX, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — What if the pandemic was only a dress rehearsal? Could your business survive the next big devastation?
“Instead of guessing or seeing how things play out, use data to give your organization the best chance of success and potentially gaining market share, even while other companies struggle,” says Apolinski, author of the book Grow Your Market Share In A Zombie Apocalypse (2022, Indie Books International).

Apolinski is the CEO of 3 Dog Write, Inc., a full-service digital consulting agency she founded in 2012. She works with Fortune 1,000 companies that want to accelerate revenue and take market share using digital means. As a speaker, she teaches business leaders how to affect sales growth with their digital-content strategy.
In the last ten years, Apolinski has helped her clients create nearly $1 billion in revenue growth. She works with household name brands such as one of the top five banks, one of the top five wealth management and financial services firms and a billion-dollar Japanese electronics organization. Here are four areas to study to bullet-proof your business, even from the walking dead of a zombie uprising:
Area #1: Economic Conditions Affecting Your Customer. Before looking at your company’s position in the economy, it is important to look at what effects the current economic conditions are having on your customer base. Review this data:
Area #2: Economic Conditions Affecting Tangential Industries And Vendors. Looking at adjacent industries and vendors can help to assess how widespread the economic condition is, how quickly the condition may impact your organization, and what effect any supply-chain disruption may have on both adjacent industries and your industry. Review this data:
 Area #3: Economic Conditions Affecting Unrelated Industries. Industries that are unrelated to your organization at first glance may seem to be irrelevant. However, stress on one sector may have a cascading effect on another. Review this data:
Area #4: Economic Conditions Affecting Your Company And Competitors. The last crucial area reviews how the current condition is affecting both you and your competitors. By being aware of the actions taken by any competition, your organization can either adopt a similar strategy, modify the strategy, or go in a different way entirely. Review this data:
“In every situational assessment, these four areas should be part of the review to provide a thorough picture,” says Apolinski.  “These areas are measurable so that data trends can be tracked, new trends can be detected and data application can be conducted to maximize the benefit of the outcome.”
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