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Take a deep dive into email marketing, social media advertising, SEO, and Google Trends, and more.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, e-commerce experienced a massive boom as consumers and companies did business online with greater frequency. As a result, the internet is a more crowded shopping space than ever with the global digital ad spend projected to surpass $389 billion in 2021.
But while your niche likely gets more crowded, that’s not a reason to slow down on ad spending, it’s a license to get more creative with your digital marketing. If you need a little help, The 2021 Ultimate Digital Marketing Super Bundle has you covered, and it’s on sale for only $14, which is an extra 60 percent off its previous sale price for a limited time during our Semi-Annual Sale.
This bundle comprises 11 courses covering a variety of subject matter from entrepreneur Benji Wilson (4.4/5 instructor rating) and Entrepreneur Academy. Entrepreneur Academy is an international social media management and education company that has helped launch, grow, and direct more than 45 companies’ social media. Through these courses, you’ll take a deep dive into what it takes to develop a great digital marketing strategy for your brand.
The bundle includes training in some of the more traditional stalwarts of digital marketing like Facebook and Instagram Ads, email marketing, Twitter, SEO, and Google Trends, but it also delves into a number of newer and more innovative ways to engage with audiences. You’ll learn how to launch a podcast to tell your brand stories and make stronger connections with customers, grow an engaged audience on Pinterest, master Zoom webinars and other branding resources, and much more. By the end of the courses, you’ll be able to launch an omnichannel marketing campaign that not only increases traffic to your pages, but also increases conversions.
Get The 2021 Ultimate Digital Marketing Super Bundle for only $14 (reg.$2200) with code ANNUAL60, an extra 60 percent off for our Semi-Annual Sale.
Prices are subject to change.
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