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A man who wanted to embark on his career by breaking the odds fueled many businesses to get out of their conventional marketing tactics. Therefore, his interest sparked in built-in a digital presence for them.
Aquib Iqbal has always been passionate about business. However, he did not chase the ordinary stuff to establish his relevance. He always wanted to break the stereotypes and achieve something that made him prominent. From his childhood, he had observed how marketing with the help of TV commercials, brochures, outdoor advertising, and word of mouth fueled the businesses. He had witnessed growth by observing the rise in marketing trends by comprehending the rise in advertorials using conventional marketing measures.
From telephones to pagers, from mobiles to smartphones, from a simple PC with no network to an ultra-smart laptop with a fast speed, he has observed the most drastic changes. With the rise in technology and increased social media vogue, its use wasn't confined to casual purposes but expanded to businesses. 
A man of excellent vision, he started his journey to experiment with digital presence with the help of blogging which slowly rose to content marketing. As he unleashed his potential and found something that shouldn't be under the bars, he started his digital marketing agency. He now leads a team of approximately 20 employees under the banner 8thfloormedia.
8thfloormedia has recently helped promote products and services using 
digital media rather than a holistic approach. The work encapsulates the customer experience and relationship development and stresses the importance of multichannel integration. Md Aquib Iqbal says, "the holistic marketing approach could not be centred to target audiences and hence couldn't connect easily with probable clients.
So, a lot of exertion in terms of resources and strategies had to be implemented not to let them prove futile. But with digital marketing, one can satisfy their brand's needs by using the right strategies to specify the target audience." The way digital marketing has boosted sales by specifying the target audience sparked his interest in the field. 
Marketers at 8thfloormedia leverage a comprehensive digital CRM to gather details about their consumers. This helps them create consumer profiles so that they can plan their strategy for a personalised plan of the consumer for either sales or support. Their services include SEO, PPC, Outreach and PR services, besides publishing content on the most popular news website.
The journey was never easy, but now Md Aquib Iqbal has prospered through his knowledge, experience, and apt leadership skills. The company has set up a branch recently in Dubai with one in India. 8thfloormedia Private Limited has ventured into Dubai to flourish in Digital Marketing by adopting Blockchain technology and utilising Web 3.0 trends. 
The agency has helped several businesses to retain their prominence in lockdown to avoid closure and market their products and services. Moreover, it had helped Small to Medium Scale Businesses to lift themselves after the pandemic when the economy worldwide showed a decline. The true test of a business lies in times of challenging situations with how they can reestablish them, and this digital marketing agency has proved its marks in the industry.
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