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 In the fast-paced world of information technology and digital transformation, one of the challenges for leaders of tech-led enterprises is how to take it slow after a long, tiring day while still sharpening their and their companies’ competitive skills and traits.
Globe Business merges marketing ICT solutions with a more leisurely yet informative approach in its  Whiskey Business Masterclass for the C-Suite, aligning the understanding of interesting facts about one’s favorite malt with relevant tech features.
Through a quick round of friendly, competitive games, Globe Business introduced its products while diving deeper into tasting whiskey notes.  Francis Hasegawa, one of Manila’s best whiskey connoisseurs, compared the unique taste of the whiskey flights with the attributes of Globe’s partners like Zoom, Cascadeo, Genesys, and Third Pillar.
The whiskey tasting segment was opened by Tania Gil-Padilla, vice president for enterprise sales for Globe Business, who shared, “The pandemic has driven digital transformation in the past couple of years, and CIOs have become instrumental in leading their organizations through those times. But this night is a celebration of the successes amidst the challenging times, and a chance to take a break from online platforms and make more meaningful connections in person.”
The topic of what makes a whiskey perfect was aligned with customer-service friendliness as well as the integration of a thousand applications for seamless workflows.
Then parallel attributes between two different kinds of malts were likened to strong support in customer relationship management.
Raymond Policarpio, vice president for product management and marketing at Globe Business, Enterprise Group, spoke of the need to constantly innovate, whether in products, services, or marketing strategies:  “The demands of businesses and their customers have shifted so much that we constantly need to innovate and introduce best-in-class ICT solutions where they are needed. Our objective remains clear—to be the top provider and best partner in bringing companies to the future by going beyond transactional conversations, seeking stronger partnerships, and accompanying them in their digital transformation journey.”
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