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Global ad tech platform Good-Loop today announced it has partnered with Scope3, the source of truth for supply chain emissions data, in a deal that enables digital marketers to easily measure, offset and reduce the entire, end-to-end carbon footprint of their programmatic advertising. Good-Loop, a Certified B Corporation, is on a mission to develop solutions that move the industry towards positive, climate-friendly advertising.
The new partnership brings together Good-Loop’s existing green media technology, which tracks and offsets the CO2 generated by specific ad campaigns, with Scope3’s supply chain emissions data, which delivers end-to-end emissions accounting of every programmatic ad transaction. Together, these capabilities give marketers a comprehensive overview of the carbon emissions generated by their digital advertising and the ability to compensate for these emissions through investments in projects that remove CO2 from the environment.
Using a clear, customised green dashboard, brands and agencies can monitor and minimise the carbon generated across their entire programmatic supply chain and compare their performance with the rest of the industry. Dashboard users can then factor these data visualisations and insights into their media strategies and day-to-day processes to drive more sustainable media planning.
Through Good-Loop, advertisers can also reduce the environmental cost of their digital marketing through various global projects that prevent or remove carbon from the atmosphere. Good-Loop also enables brands and agencies to make their campaigns climate-positive by further investing in various initiatives, including tree planting and coral restoration.
With a recent study finding that in five years’ time more than three-quarters of consumers will only want to buy from brands that practice green advertising, the need for solutions that help advertisers minimise the environmental impact of all their digital marketing and help them stay on track to achieve their net zero commitments has never been greater.
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The electricity required to fuel the $455 billion digital ad industry contributes significantly to Adland’s hefty global carbon footprint. For example, 10 million video ad impressions can generate the same amount of CO2 as 5 people in the UK can manage in an entire year (source: Good-Loop). But that only takes into account the energy needed to serve an ad and not the complete carbon footprint. Indirect delivery costs, such as content creation and the ad tech infrastructure needed to facilitate that ad’s journey, require a significant amount of CO2.
By using Scope3 data – which measures the energy needed to fuel the end-to-end supply path of the ad impression, including the operational energy of each company in the chain and a vendor graph of every third-party call by device – to bolster Good-Loop’s green media technology, advertisers can now see an even more complete picture of their impact.
Amy Williams, CEO and founder of Good-Loop, said: “I’m especially proud of this partnership because it brings us a step closer towards establishing recognised, international standards for the ad tech industry. With the climate in crisis, industry-wide collaboration is our only hope and we have so much more to gain by working together than we ever could alone.”
Brian O’Kelley, co-founder and CEO, Scope3, said: “Good-Loop and Scope3 are both on a shared journey to decarbonise media and advertising. Through this exciting partnership we hope to make the accurate measurement of carbon easy and actionable for all. There’s no doubt the rise in programmatic trading has revolutionised digital advertising – but it has come at a significant cost to our planet. The path to net zero as an industry will take collaboration from us all. The more we enhance our measurement and align with Greenhouse Gas Standards the greater impact we can have.”
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