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When you own or manage a brand, hiring external service providers that align with your objectives is a great challenge. Among them, is choosing a digital marketing agency to increase your online presence and scale the sales of your ecommerce.
Most brands already recognize the value of digital marketing to gain notoriety in the market, since it is not only about having an e-commerce business on the web, but also about making it known through valuable content, creating loyalty in its users and attracting potential consumers.
Today, we find ourselves with an infinite flow of information, courses, talks, webinars, etc. on digital marketing. With just a few clicks, you can appear on the main social networks or be the first option in the Google search engine.
Tips for choosing a digital marketing agency
However, having everything so close and believing everything that is said about “you can do it yourself”, it is very easy to make a mistake and waste the money available for a marketing action. It is times like this in which the difference between a well-executed campaign and a resounding failure will depend on the strategy and the digital marketing agency chosen for such action.
Although many business owners have high knowledge in digital marketing or have an in-house team, they recognize that they need the help of external agents in order to focus on everything that a good strategy of this type of online marketing requires.
How can I know which is the best agency for my business?
There are as many answers to this question as there are existing businesses on the internet. Choosing a digital marketing agency will depend on the objectives, the flexibility and why not, the feeling with the work team. Aside from the ways above that we’ve mentioned to improve your brand presence, you might look to hire a digital PR company that can help raise your brand profile online.
I believe that there are 4 fundamental pillars in which we can internalize ourselves to focus the search for a marketing partner:
References and success stories: I consider that research on digital agencies is a decisive factor. This will allow us to get to know the players we have in the market, get to know the brands they work with, delve into the work these brands do, look at the teams and study the situation. It will also allow us to know what reputation of agency we are with and if it is the right one for our business. You can also see if they are a premier partner of the main marketing platforms: Google, Facebook and Amazon, which gives credibility and support from the media.
Interest in the brand and the objectives of the business: Making a first contact with a brand can be overwhelming since we send the same query to 5 or 6 leads that we have researched on the internet and that seem appropriate to us. However, faced with the response of these agencies, what must be considered are the questions that they will ask us (in a call or in an initial meeting). You have to listen carefully as the conversation unfolds. If an agency does not stop talking about itself, its achievements and generically compares all the success stories of the industries, I recommend that you stop right there.
Creation of an action plan: Do not be fooled by false promises and sweet words, there is no magic, it is pure illusionism. If we want to talk about real work, we must define actions. Strategize. That in each stage of the plan what is wanted to be achieved is contemplated, but also what can be achieved. And this is very important because the agencies are strategic allies, which like any alliance also needs the client to be able to advance in their tasks. A dedicated team is needed to meet the requirements of an agency, to meet the needs of images, technical implementations.
Flexibility: A strategic ally must understand where you are standing and serve so that, based on that collaboration, a synergy is created. Cold postures are useless because not all businesses have the same nature. Try to find a team that understands your need, your liquidity, that offers you a monetary agreement that works for you, but that also gives you the security that it will put on your shirt and make you grow.
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