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Wish your agency could attract more clients?
Looking for ways to stay high on your clients’ budget priorities?
Want to make sure your clients stay with you instead of going to your competition?
In 2021, 86% of digital marketing agencies added at least one new service to their lineup, according to a study by CallRail and Kickstand in their latest ebook.
This may be the reason that 95% of agencies met their revenue goals and saw 54% year-over-year growth.
Now, you can see that kind of growth, too.
To help you out, here are a few insights from CallRail’s latest ebook, “How to Build and Sell Profitable New Services at Your Agency“.
In this article, you’ll learn how to stay profitable and competitive with new service and partnership offerings.
New services can help clients see more value in sticking with you.
More importantly, new service offerings can encourage your clients to increase their spending.
The key is to add services that complement what you already have to offer.
Does your agency offer organic search engine optimization services?
Consider adding paid search marketing to your lineup to increase your clients’ visibility on SERPs.
Does your agency offer content development services?
Then you could add social media marketing to your lineup as a way to promote the content.
Does your agency offer website design and development?
You could add organic and paid search to your lineup as a way to ensure that the stunning websites you create drive business for clients.
The top services offered by the 600 agencies surveyed in the earlier mentioned report were:
One way to ensure that your new service is a hit with your existing clients is to simply ask them if there are any other digital marketing services they are interested in using to promote their business.
Another way to increase revenue through your service offerings is to build upon the ones that are already driving revenue for your business.
If your agency offers content development services:
Grow your pool of expert writers, allowing you to increase content output without sacrificing quality.
If your agency offers website design and development services:
Upgrade to professional photo and video companies to create custom images and media throughout the website.
If your agency offers paid search marketing services:
Partner with technology providers like CallRail to offer deeper insights into the ad strategies that are driving business to your clients.
Again, take the opportunity to ask your existing clients if they are interested in exploring ways to enhance their existing services.
If your agency offers digital marketing services, consider expanding your service offerings into traditional marketing.
Statista reports an increase in traditional marketing spend between August 2021 and February 2022.
Tactics like radio, TV, print, and direct mail marketing can be a beneficial supplement to your client’s digital marketing strategies.
In the past, it was difficult to attribute specific traditional marketing campaigns to their results.
Now, thanks to services like call tracking, you can properly attribute leads to their traditional campaign source by using a unique, tracked phone number for each campaign.
Selling new services isn’t easy – that’s where case studies come in.
Case studies are a great way to prove that your new services get results, but you need willing clients to create them.
Budgets are tight and not all clients will want to be involved with case studies.
How do you get those first clients to jump on board?
Getting client buy-in is key to testing, creating, and selling new products and services.
These tested and successful services, documented as case studies, will help you sell the new service offerings to even your most resistant clients.
Once they see proven results from your agency, they may be more likely to accept the adoption of new strategies.
When it comes to offering new services to clients, you will need to address your client’s biggest concerns in your sales pitch.
For example, you may know that budget is going to be the primary concern of a particular client.
Formulate your sales pitch around how you will be able to show your clients a return on investment.
Or, you may know that a particular client is adverse to change.
Formulate your sales pitch around how brands that adopt new strategies sooner will be the first to benefit from the results.
The right technology partners can help your agency:
The idea is to find partners whose software not only complements the services you have to offer but also enhances the value of your current services.
Over 1,000 agencies have partnered with CallRail to provide call tracking solutions for their marketing and advertising clients.
CallRail allows you to attribute inbound calls, texts, forms, and live chats to the marketing campaigns that drove them.
This allows agencies to create marketing strategies for clients that lead to measurable results and a positive ROI – resulting in satisfied clients and higher overall customer retention.
Want the complete guide to growing your digital marketing agency with new service offerings and partnerships?
Download CallRail’s ebook, “How to Build and Sell Profitable New Services at Your Agency”.
In it, you will find additional information on how to design your new service packaging and how to sell your new services to current clients.
It’s a must-read for agencies that want to increase revenue and retain clients.
The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.