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A Nielsen marketing survey revealed that a 1-point gain in long-term marketing metrics, such as brand awareness, correlated with a 1% increase in sales.
Additionally, brand awareness was perceived by survey respondents to be the most important marketing metric of them all.
This is proof that long-term marketing campaigns that increase your brand awareness and trust in the market are the best way to increase your sales and customer acquisitions.
The dominance of digital marketing over traditional marketing channels is also clearly laid out by the Nielsen report. Nielsen found that digital advertising channels have a much higher confidence rating among consumers. This includes online, email, and social media advertising.
In contrast, older forms of advertising – including linear TV, radio, and print – scored much lower confidence ratings among consumers. This shows that consumers are more likely to trust and appreciate your brand if you are marketing on digital platforms.
Nielsen’s research makes it clear the best marketing opportunities for your business are long-term campaigns on digital platforms. This can be enhanced further by ensuring the online platforms you use have earned significant trust from your target audience.
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