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Automaker Hyundai Motor India has no plans to ride on the Metaverse bandwagon, unlike its competitors, but it instead aims to woo the Gen Z and millennials through gaming, music and roping in influencers as part of their digital media buying approach.
Virat Khullar, Group Head-Marketing, Hyundai Motor India, shared the advertising and marketing plans ahead of the launch of the facelift version of the sub-4-meter SUV, Hyundai Venue.
“Hyundai does plan to target music, gaming and influencers as cohorts as part of the digital media buying approach, which is different from the usual car cohorts like adventure and outdoor seeking,” Khullar said.
As part of Hyundai’s Creators Arena, the Korean automobile manufacturer has tied up with Instagram’s very own ‘Born on Instagram’ initiative, wherein influencers from different genres have been called to create organic content which will later be reposted on the company’s official social media handle.
“We will also set up a 3D Anamorphic installation at Cyber Hub, Gurugram as part of the outdoor activities on Sunday. It’ll not only show the new Venue but will also show visuals that depict the actual ‘LIT’ life,” he added.
Emphasising their push towards a more gender-neutral approach, Khullar said, “In the past six months, Hyundai has signed up four women cricketers as brand ambassadors and has roped in #1 professional Indian golfer, Aditi Ashok. We have also collaborated with Universal Music India and have released two songs that were sung by female artists.”
“Currently, the on-record female ownership mix of Hyundai stands at 12% and is constantly growing as they are not only influencing but also deciding on purchase and ownership,” he added.
With reference to their 360-degree marketing strategy for the new offering, Khullar said, “The positioning statement for the new Hyundai Venue is ‘Live the LIT Life’ as it talks about having more fun and adventure in the aftermath of Covid, as a comeback factor for both tourism and dine-ins.”
The TVC:
Khullar went on to add, “Based on our audience’s pattern of media consumption in the last three months and after coordinating with Havas, our media buying agency, we have decided on our campaigning. The campaign will be run on OTT, either with impact and regular buys or on RODP (run of the day part) models. We are also looking forward to buying locked screens on phones and opening screens on DTH providers. We’ll have a strong presence on all OTT platforms, social media platforms, audio streaming players, Amazon ads, etc.”
“In fact, with the India-South Africa series across the corner, and with BCCI as our partner, we will have a car display for two matches and will reward the Man-of-the-Match with the new Hyundai Venue in Sunday’s final match,” he added.
Khullar added that the entire communication plan for the launch has been prepared with the goal of targeting millennials and Gen Z, as they majorly influence the decision making for car purchase.
Khullar also said that the go-to-market plan had first kicked off in the beginning of June with seven teasers and TVCs releasing on television and social media platforms, each highlighting a new feature of the car.
During the course of the interaction, Khullar also pointed out that people in the sub-40 age group and Gen Z are on the lookout for a ‘safety’ quotient and more features in a car, apart from basic mobility. 
Focusing attention on their digital-oriented services like Click-to-Buy and Hyundai Mobility Membership, Khullar assured, “While the product is evolving in terms of its features, the augmented services around the product are also evolving to meet the needs of the newer generations.”