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Digital Summit Denver is a two-day, in-person conference that showcases marketing industry thought leaders who will present the current trends in today’s marketing sector. From renowned global leaders – like Spotify, Slack and Salesforce – to local and regional experts, each 30-minute speaking session offers highly curated content formatted as an instructional “how to,” providing attendees with breakthrough strategies and actionable insights immediately applicable to their businesses. The conference is open to all levels of marketing personnel, from campus hires to industry professionals with 40+ years of experience.
For attendees seeking guidance for honing specific skills, Digital Summit also offers its signature 4-hour deep dive courses known as Masterclasses. This year, Digital Summit Denver will feature several Masterclasses led by premier thought leaders, including:

Digital Summit Denver will feature speaker sessions from prominent brands including:

Other notable presentations at Digital Summit Denver include:

The headlining keynote speaker at Digital Summit Denver will be Jenny Haggard, Spotify’s Senior Global Creative Strategist.
To enable attendees to share ideas and insights after the sessions, Digital Summit Denver will also feature several networking opportunities including coffee breaks, catered lunches and opening and closing ceremonies.
Digital Summit Series features an extensive network of standout sponsors who attend each Digital Summit conference on-site, offering innovative products and services for branding, merchandising, email and SEO marketing, marketing and advertising automation, digital communications, digital experiences and measurement, among others. Digital Summit Denver sponsors include Pantheon, Bruce Clay, Terminus, Adobe, ChannelMix, Media
Shark, Effectv, Quantum Lifecycle Marketing, Investis Digital, Optimizely, Basis Technologies, CloudCampaign, Claravine, Kotis Design, illumin, SEO Distribution, Premion, SwagChimp and the American Marketing Association Colorado.
To view a complete list of speakers, presentation topics and sponsors, go to:
Digital Summit Denver will take place Mon., June 27, 2022 – Tues., June 28, 2022.
Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel
1550 Court Place, Denver, CO 80202| (303)-893-3333
To purchase passes, go to:
About Digital Summit Series
The Digital Summit Series is “Where Marketers Stay on Top of Their Game.” Since 2008, the annual national conference series is held in 18 U.S. cities and features highly curated, engaging content about the newest and most relevant topics in marketing – including email marketing, content management, digital advertising, lead generation, social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), analytics and more – presented by speakers from many of the most creative companies and innovative brands. Each two-day Digital Summit features working sessions formatted as instructional, “how to” talks that cover a specific topic to provide marketers with practical, actionable tactics that can be immediately applied to their own efforts. Produced by Naylor Association Solutions, a leading provider of innovative tools and services for associations that strengthen member engagement and increase non-dues revenue, Digital Summit Series each year attracts 15,000+ marketing professionals at all experience levels who seek to further their professional development and career networking in the ever-changing and evolving digital ecosystem for marketing communications. For more information, go to and follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
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