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Formula Done
Having spent the last three years studying social media marketing, SEO trends, and the rising costs of Facebook and Google ads, Jennifer Neal discovered that the way we’ve been taught to market as digital marketers is actually fighting the system and increasing costs.
By: Formula Done | Meridian, Idaho
September 15, 2022 – Jennifer is not only revealing these trends but teaching the simple tweaks you can use to increase the effectiveness of your content and reduce advertising costs. Introducing the Content Connection Academy.
The Content Connection Academy is an online program designed to walk you through, step by step, how to reactivate old content you’ve already created (or create new) and attract qualified leads, ultimately making money. Without expensive ads, techy tricks or spending all of your time on social media. And fast. This is something you can do in a weekend.
“The way we’ve been taught how to market (As digital marketers) is actually damaging our results!” -Jenn Neal.
Can you really get twice as many leads for half the price? Yes. It starts with the Traffic Trifecta – the three-part foundation. What it boils down to is this.
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Social Media Marketing – most people say it’s dead and organic marketing doesn’t work. Unless you’re the annoying guy who spam messages every person who friends you, it’s not dead. It’s just that your content isn’t getting attention, and you’re trying to fight the social media algorithms. You have to play along; then, like magic, your content gets attention. The keys are matching your content to what users are on the channel to do – connect, be inspired, entertained, learn, etc.
Search Marketing – most digital marketers pay no attention to SEO, meaning we’re talking about our expertise using different words than our prospects. Also, prospects are smart. They’re pros at searching. If you aren’t showing up in the results, you’re missing out. We’re not advocating a complete SEO strategy for every business, but by simply making a few tweaks to the content you’re already creating, you’ll see a world of difference.
Paid Traffic (Ads) – this is where most marketers turn to right away. Typically, Meta (Facebook) ads convert at about 1% of traffic or less. That number seems insane – and our formula in the Content Connection Academy shares how to do ads yourself for far less cost and far better results.
Yes, social omnipresence is important. Ads are important. And so are search engine results. The problem is that we’ve been taught to work them separately, which causes the algorithms to hide your content and treat you like spam.
“After I had lost over $33 Thousand on Facebook ads, I decided there had to be a better way. After much research and testing, I created the Content Connection Academy.” – Jenn Neal
Instead, you can make a few simple tweaks in how you create and share your content, and all of a sudden, you’re playing with the algorithms, saving time, cutting costs, and growing your bottom line.
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