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Mahcoe Smith and Mia Moddelmog Provided
Oklahoma Baptist University students have been offered the opportunity to work with members of the Shawnee business community through micro-internships. This allows the students of Dr. Daryl Green’s Digital Marketing class to share their knowledge and gain real world experience.
OBU students Mia Moddelmog and Mahoce Smith teamed up with Professor Scot Loyd to help him gain a better online presence while also helping him gain a larger following to his blog. Professor Loyd is an avid activist for social justice who has written numerous blog pieces, even some that have become popular online. His most popular blog piece, “A Letter to Roy. He’s the Black Guy in My Pictures”, has received over 2 million hits online.
The OBU students were tasked with the challenge of gaining Professor Loyd more website traffic and article attention by using digital marketing. They used marketing campaigns and graphics to promote Professor Loyd’s blog and blog piece around the world. Through a website traffic marketing campaign, the students received 44,525 website visits from people all around the world.
As the students gained real world experience through helping Professor Loyd they have taken away skills that will last them a lifetime. “I have been able to receive hands on experience through this micro-internship and learn skills that I will carry into my own work life in the future” said Moddelmog. Through this micro-internship the students were able to learn and share while aiding their client, Professor Scot Loyd and his blog.
To learn more about Professor Scot Loyd and his blog, search scotloyd.blog online.