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Marlon Richards, more widely known as Javiidesignz, an established graphic artist from Jamaica, is challenging dancehall artists within the region to utilize the gifts of the digital revolution.
Javiidesignz believes that a fundamental part of building a brand as an artist is the aesthetic elements that represent them. During the early stages of a musician’s career, they’ll need to establish themselves as a brand and decide who they want to be in the music industry.
Visual media is a great way to establish the genre of music and the feelings the artiste is looking to convey. For example, when one sees an album color that’s black and red, one may think of rock and roll; red, yellow and then green in horizontal stripes will definitely remind one of reggae or dancehall, Pastel colors might remind one of indie or alternative music. These small choices can help bring an artist’s vision to life, establish the brand, and accurately represent the music.
“In my opinion dancehall artists can reach a wider audience with their online content if they also work more with graphic designers. As a capable graphic artist, I know I can effectively generate engagement from fans by generating eye-catching graphics with their music video content to give a dancehall artist a competitive edge. I know I can achieve this, along with many of my co-workers in the industry. All we need is a chance.” said Javiidesignz.
Javiidesignz already making a name for himself in the digital marketing niche. It is said that success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Indeed, the man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. Javiidesignz started small, but today, his remarkable capacity in digital marketing has grown to an enviable collection of skills inclusive of logo designing, music cover, Album Cover and motion graphics.
So gifted is he that he has worked on different projects with both famous, and upcoming artistes, including Dancehall’s latest golden boy, Gold Gad; the self-described “Gothic Dancehall” Artist, Tommy lee Sparta; upcoming reggae and dancehall recording artiste, Yaksta; entertainment news and review channel Cmr TV, and musical artist, Trance 1Gov.
Javiidesignz wants dancehall artists to borrow a leaf from the application of creativity, technology, the right graphic and content that some comedy content creators in Jamaica have utilized to favorably stand out from the others. One of such content creator, he notes, is the likes of Deno Crazy, a Jamaican comedian who has earned exponential growth on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok by implementing innovative marketing techniques in his content, combining humor, creativity, music and graphics to seize his audiences’ attention. It is this amalgamation of attributes that Javiidesignz believes dancehall artists must implement within their own content to attract new fans and spread their music beyond the borders.

“I am not implying that dancehall artists must now turn into comedians; that’s not what I’m saying. However, I think that they can be way more creative than how they are right now. I believe a little bit of imagination and inspiration can go a long way. For example, these artists can partner with a lot of content creators, give them authorization to use their music in their content, and work together in a way that would be mutually beneficial to both parties”, Javiidesignz told Disrupt Magazine. According to Javiidesignz, he also believes that dancehall artists should collaborate with graphic designers more often to fulfill their creative marketing vision.
Javiidesignz is of the opinion that graphic design and by extension graphic designers complement a musicians’ work by providing a visual representation that defines their brand. From album covers and website design to social media and merchandise, graphic design elements are everywhere and work as an extension of the artist’s creativity. He notes they are an integral part of an artistes success and thus, should receive more credit for the time and effort they invest in the artworks.
Despite the fact that Javiidesignz  is already making waves in graphic designs, the multitalented designer is not resting on his laurels yet. He’s set new goals for himself, chief of which is to successfully own a restaurant and get into real estate while maintaining graphic design on the part time.
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