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As new technology and trends are emerging every now and then, where do you think marketing is headed in the coming days?
Technology is transforming marketing. Marketing continues to experience huge shifts precipitated by the drastic changes in technology and electronic communication. Each year, we witness new and unexpected trends in the field of technology that lay the foundations for the future of marketing. The most fundamental change is perhaps the transition from marketers delivering ads to what we call “experiences”. This means today’s marketing is more about trying to engage and grab the consumer’s attention through something immersive and memorable that is also relevant. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, digital marketing trends that may dominate the next year will be consumer experience, employee engagement and content visualisation. As more and more marketers have come to trust and understand the value of what technology brings to marketing processes, the amount of value it drives will continue to grow. Truly, marketing has moved beyond the traditional norms. Marketers must work together to focus on the new evolutions in marketing to recognize the new opportunities it provides and utilise them.
What would be the challenge for future marketers operating in Bangladesh?
Understanding the target customers can be a major challenge most marketers will face in Bangladesh. Today, we have more information about customers at our fingertips than ever before. Organising and making sense of this data is difficult, especially when it comes from various devices from each customer. Another big challenge as a result of the pandemic is the constantly changing competitive business environment. Gaining new customers, keeping up with expectations, and increasing sales may be difficult for many marketers to tackle. Hence, in this era of a digital world, engaging an audience will require marketers to be transparent and authentic. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula for determining marketing success. The best way to drive success is to create a business strategy based on the target audience’s needs and business goals. 
What would be your top three approaches to accelerate growth for early-stage companies?
Growth is the main objective for the majority of the businesses out there. For early-stage companies, in particular, there is no surefire formula for instant success, but certain factors can definitely help with progress. For example, rather than trying to acquire new customers, companies should direct their attention to the core customers they already have. Secondly, fast growth depends on the kind of experience the customers are receiving. Delivering quality experience and products can significantly increase business growth. Additionally, for businesses to grow both organically and strategically, it is important to think outside the box. Studying the market, researching the customers and recent trends, and leveraging global platforms can help businesses thrive in today’s hyperconnected era. 
What is the global mar-tech trend that you think will catch on soon here in Bangladesh?
Digital marketing is evolving at various speeds and in unique ways throughout the world, including in Bangladesh. However, the country is yet to utilise marketing technology to the fullest to drive growth and success. In today’s digital-oriented world, we will soon witness Bangladesh ‘going digital’ in terms of marketing, and very soon, e-marketing will rise in the modern marketing industry. 
You have worked in industries that are quite varied in terms of nature – logistics, consumer product, media and e-commerce. What helped you cope with these industries as a marketing professional?
Agile marketing requires a blended skill-set that encompasses both creativity and analytics to thrive in the marketing industry. For marketing professionals, versatility is the key. Versatility refers to the ability to adapt and respond to the ever-evolving requirements of the market. Working in different industries in varying capacities has allowed me to be versatile and understand different perspectives better and helped me develop various life-changing competencies.  In addition to that, one should have the urge to constantly learn and equip oneself with the right skill sets. I have always had the urge to learn and take the positives wherever I may go and that has helped me to have a vivid understanding of the market and industry scenario.
মাত্র এক যুগ আগেও রংপুর অঞ্চলে মনসামঙ্গল গীতের রমরমা অবস্থা ছিল। এই গীতের শিল্পীদের ছিল সন্তোষজনক কদর। সারা বছরই ছিল তাদের ডাক। এখন কদাচিৎ আয়োজন হয় মনসামঙ্গলের আসর।