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Maintaining paid advertising across search engines and social media is important when aiming to create effective campaigns. WordStream is a PPC advertising tool that provides important free tools, and learning resources relevant to digital advertising. Moreover, AdEspresso is an advertising tool that focuses on Facebook Ads, with the ability to manage split testing and receive valuable audience insights.
Are you looking for ways to equip yourself with the recognised skills, the network, and life-long learning tools to succeed in a constantly evolving digital world? This summer aim high and select the Online Global Digital Marketing Course that suits you best with ImarComms, Global Partner of the Digital Marketing Institute.
DMI’s E-Learning Platform enables learners to watch online lessons in their own time from the comfort of their home, selecting small, easy-to-understand videos for each course. The Programs can start at the beginning of every month.
Enhance your knowledge and skills in Digital Marketing through all the global programs & certifications offered by ImarComms, in collaboration with the Digital Marketing Institute, the largest Digital Marketing training body with a presence in over 120 countries with over 150,000 graduates.
Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing
Professional Diploma in Digital Strategy and Planning
Professional Diploma in Search Marketing
Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing
Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling
Associate Diploma in Digital Marketing
Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing
The courses are under the guidance of the Digital Marketing Institute’s Global Industry Advisory Champions including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, IBM and HubSpot among others. Moreover, they are accredited by the European Qualification Framework at Level 5.
You can find more information about DMI’s E-Learning Platform and the above global programs on ImarComms website or at 22 443220.
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