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Scott Max announced that they had taught and crossed 120,000 students how to use digital marketing to grow their businesses on March 28, 2022. They offer course materials for free on their website, and their students have seen tremendous success using the techniques they teach.

In addition to teaching digital marketing, Scott also helps businesses with their online visibility and search engine rankings.
The Max Business School has been operational for over 2 years and has achieved continuous success. It offers various courses on digital marketing and helps businesses with strategies to improve their online presence.
The company’s goal is that students develop a profitable, scalable, and automated digital business during the course or the skills needed to get lucrative, fulfilling, and very in-demand jobs.
Scott Kanacher is a Digital Marketing expert and trains students to grow their businesses in the field. Scott is the owner of Max Business School, a successful Digital Marketing school.
“We help people start their websites and businesses and get our students the skillset to get jobs doing digital marketing in any industry or location they are passionate about,” says Scott.
MAX Business School launched a free Digital Marketing Master program course to empower students who can’t afford the typical fees for a master’s level education.
The Business School, apart from the others, lets you set your hours. You can take the courses and certifications according to your ease and time.
Over 14,000 MAX Business School students have already started careers in digital marketing since 2020. By 2025, MAX Business School hopes to educate 1 million students free of charge.
Students learn at their own pace during the one-month course, which is 100% online. 
Students enroll in any level of courses offered by the school, from absolute beginners to advanced marketing students. 
Module 1 provides a step-by-step process to building a fully functional, professional website. 
Module 2 includes the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), while Module 3 teaches how to set up and analyze Google Analytics.
Module 4 focuses on Email Marketing, where the class looks at strategies and setting up an email marketing account for a specific website. And this module then moves on to how to start growing an email list and what to do with that list.
Module 5 dives into Search Engine Advertising (SEM), while Module 6 discusses social media accounts and their proper use.
Finally, Module 7 manages the Facebook and Instagram ad platforms, allowing students to learn how to run, scale, and optimize ads. 
The Digital Marketing Master course professors are from the industry and practice in the industry.
The school responds to what the digital marketing industry wants and needs by creating better and more relevant courses and certifications.
The Max Business School is looking to release new finance, investing, crypto, and affiliate marketing courses soon. This initiative benefits the students and the businesses that need these skills. As the digital world revolves around crypto and finance, all new courses are interrelated.
Scott rejects the traditional education system where people spend 4-5 years studying for University Degrees and Bachelor’s Degrees.
As the digital world is moving too fast to spend 5 years studying, many of the skills acquired may already be obsolete by the time you finish.
MAX Business School insists that our students do not become obsessed with obtaining degrees, certificates, diplomas. The real value of training is to acquire IMPORTANT SKILLS valuable for companies or enable you to develop a business.
Most people are afraid of the technology change; they fear that their jobs will be replaced by robots and software that perform their tasks efficiently.
MAX Business School is helping to build a world that is more open, more connected, and that offers the same opportunities to anyone.
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