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According to Internet Live Statistics, Google processes over 8 billion searches for 5 billion internet users, every day.
From this, it’s easy to see why online is the place to focus your marketing efforts in modern times. The trick is getting your efforts to stand out amongst the billions of other businesses who’ve realized the same thing.
Making your digital marketing pay involves a lot more than getting likes, shares, and hits on your website. It makes sense to spend your money on tactics that increase sales. 
Keep reading for the basics about improving your digital marketing ROI.
In the simplest terms, digital marketing ROI refers to how much money your digital marketing campaigns make for your business when compared to how much they cost you in the first place.
One could argue that some returns are intangible, such as customer engagement or brand visibility. These benefits are awesome, but they aren’t bringing in money, they’re not growing your business. 
Core metrics for marketing campaigns include traffic, leads, and sales. So, it’s vital to keep track of these numbers for every marketing campaign.
It’s also important to record your bounce rates, conversion rates, and unique visitors for every marketing instance. This helps you determine which of your marketing strategies work best for each of these aspects. 
Higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates are always a sign of a successful campaign, but you’ll need to revise your marketing strategy if you notice the opposite effect.
Read this post for more about how to enhance your strategy and improve your marketing metrics.
If you find your metrics a little bland and uninspiring, try experimenting with different marketing channels. Some good ones to test drive include:
You’re bound to expand your reach by branching out into new areas, and you could also stumble upon a lucrative market you haven’t explored yet. By keeping track of metrics all along, you’ll soon figure out where to concentrate your marketing efforts.
Content marketing is one of the best ways to improve your ROI and online presence quickly. Without loads of interesting, useful content, your website is dead in the eyes of Google.
You need content to take advantage of SEO and you can’t do social media marketing without it either. Besides, content allows you to get creative when it comes to persuading customers to spend money with your business.
High-quality blogs, web pages, videos, and infographics help attract internet users to your site and establish you as an expert in your field. They create desire in potential customers and guide them ever closer to that elusive Buy Now button. 
These simple tips are only a tiny sample of things you can try to enhance your digital marketing ROI. Experience, trial-and-error tactics, or working with an expert marketer will reveal many more. 
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