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Are you a digital marketer looking to increase your productivity? Here are some of the best Chrome extensions you should try.
Using extensions enables us to get the most out of your browser. While some help you communicate better with others or deal with procrastination, others save unnecessary time and effort just by reducing your clicks.
You should install a few extensions in your browser to streamline your digital marketing processes if you are into it. The Chrome store is full of such extensions, but we will focus on five of the best.
Whether you have a huge team of content writers or dozens of customer service representatives handling your stores, you may have to record instructional videos for them frequently.
Screen recorders are excellent for this, but saving videos, uploading, and sending them may take up a lot of your time. Loom helps you save time by enabling you to start recording instantly and share the unique link with anyone in a single click.
In contrast to traditional video recording, Loom allows your viewers to add real-time, time-stamped comments for you to see their questions regarding the specific subject you're talking about in the video. Furthermore, Loom provides you with enough security options to keep your recordings private from prying eyes.
Making minor edits, syncing your recording across all your devices, and saving time managing your recording library are just a few features that make Loom an excellent choice for digital marketers. Hence, if you record videos quite often, Loom will streamline the process for you. Check out our article explaining how to record, edit, and share Loom videos.
Download: Loom for Chrome (Free, in-app purchases available)
Mailtrack is an excellent tool for those who hate waiting for email responses. When doing outreach for backlinks, pitching your services to clients and agencies, or applying for new digital marketing positions, Mailtrack will let you know how many times the email has been opened.
When you know how your email was handled, you can direct your marketing efforts in the right direction. Since the extension also tracks respondents' activities when they don't click the added links despite opening the email, you can quickly assess when the person you are reaching out to isn't interested in your proposal.
Moreover, sending bulk emails with the Mailtrack Campaign feature ensures that your emails do not end up in the spam folder, resulting in a greater chance of your campaign's success.
Additionally, bulk emailing is regarded as if you were sending each email one by one, making the process more efficient and safer. So the next time you send an email as a marketer, make sure Mailtrack is enabled in your browser.
Download: Mailtrack for Chrome (Free, in-app purchases available)
Similarweb is an all-in-one tool you need to sneak into your competitors' traffic sources such as search, social, email, referrals, and others. The tool also breaks down the total traffic into different channels to see whether the competitor has a solid organic ranking or if it's paid ads driving traffic.
Besides the total traffic for the past three to six months, it also shows you the average visit duration of users, the bounce rate, and the distribution of traffic across different countries.
Moreover, simply clicking on it takes you to SimiarWeb's main website, where you can track a number of other valuable metrics. It displays other websites competing with your competitor, high traffic keywords, referral, social, advertising traffic distribution, etc.
Therefore, if you require a single extension for analyzing your competitors' traffic, the Simiarweb extension should be on your list. If you're not satisfied with Similarweb, you can use any of its alternative tools to analyze your competitor's traffic. Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Ubersuggest are three other options.
Download: Similarweb for Chrome (Free, in-app purchases available)
It is impossible to undervalue the importance of eye-catching headlines in the world of digital marketing. An engaging headline keeps your audience hooked and increases conversions.
If you are also struggling to fine-tune your headlines or spend hours researching their SEO trend, volume, competition, etc., then Headline Studio is an extension that will save you time and effort.
You only need to add the headline and click on the Analyze button. The extension will generate a headline score based on the balance of words, sentiments, clarity, and many other factors. The higher the score, the better your headline.
The extension also suggests ways to improve the headline on the premium plan. Furthermore, if you are primarily using the headline for blogs, it shows you the SEO score based on different attributes associated with the keyword. These include keyword density, competition, monthly searches, trends, etc. Additionally, it provides you with keyword variations and the top-ranked pages for this keyword in SERPs.
In short, if you are having trouble writing headlines for your blogs, social media, emails, etc., this extension will be beneficial.
Download: Headline Studio for Chrome (Free, in-app purchases available)
A to-do list is essential for planning, organizing, and keeping track of your daily schedule. Creating and managing to-do lists is a cinch with TickTick.
Using the extension, you can quickly create tasks, and their subtasks, in just a few clicks and view your agendas for the day, week, or more with an easy-to-navigate calendar view. Furthermore, you can prioritize your tasks and set reminders for tight deadlines to avoid missing them.
In addition, TickTick is a team player instead of other simple to-do list extensions. Through its checklist creation and sharing capabilities, TickTick streamlines team collaboration. Additionally, since it is available on Android and iOS, and most browsers, you can sync it across all your devices.
In short, TickTick will help you streamline your business processes by allowing you to create to-do lists, plan tasks for your team, and share them with a few clicks. If you want to know the whole list of things you can do with the extension and app to be more productive, read our article on how to use TickTick.
Download: TickTick for Chrome (Free, in-app purchases available)
The extensions covered in this list will enhance your business process somehow. Try them all to evaluate their impact.
You can also try any of their alternatives if you don't like the look and feel of the extension or don't find the features you need for your business, as there are hundreds of them available on the Chrome store.
As well as checking out these extensions, you should also look into Google Workspace apps to use the platform for all your business and marketing needs.
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