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By | Mar 7, 2022
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If you go by the marketing materials of most martech companies, AI powered tools are everywhere. The irony is that marketers themselves still struggle with understanding where and how to apply AI to their strategy, process, stacks and talent to get the most of this fast-developing technology.
Marketing content — indispensable to the marketing process — is one area that shows promise for AI-powered tools. The vendor landscape has grown from around five known vendors at the turn of the decade to over 50 or more today.
On the demand side, the 2021 State of Marketing AI Report found that content marketing is one of the top areas where marketers are using AI. Of the 10 AI for marketing use-cases, four were related to content creation: creating data-driven content; predicting winning creative (e.g., digital ads, landing pages, CTAs) before launch and without A/B testing; choosing keywords and topic clusters for content optimization; and optimizing website content for search engines.
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AI generally helps execute repeatable and automated tasks smarter, faster and at scale. Chris Penn, co-founder of marketing analytics firm Trust Insights, recently shared his experiments using EleutherAI’s latest open-source language model, GPT-NeoX-20B, for content use-cases. He found that it did “really well” generating coherent, readable text when given appropriate prompts, and suggests evaluating AI solutions for “specific, narrow tasks and deploying it to fulfill those tasks as rapidly as possible.”
Even before production, AI can help develop the most relevant and effective content calendar:
AI is getting exponentially better at understanding, writing and speaking human-like language, incorporating local language, grammar, punctuation, brand style guides and other parameters. It infuses unfathomable speed and scale into a traditionally time- and effort-intensive human activity like writing. Accuracy, context and nuance are still areas for human intervention, even as the AI keeps learning.
Some other capabilities in this arena include:

AI can also boost content performance in many ways:
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Where can marketers get started on the path to discovering AI tools for marketing processes and outcomes?

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The potential of the technology is obvious in terms of reducing costs, accelerating revenue and even enabling differentiated content experiences.  What’s holding marketers back, though, is not fear of AI, but rather the need for more knowledge and education on how best to leverage the potential of the technology in a sustained and integrated way.  
What’s promising is not just the level of the technology today, but the fact that AI performance improves with use and more data. Ironically, it could be the perfect solution for a world that’s overwhelmed by content and data, while dramatically improving what we are capable of as humans.
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