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West Chester based IT and digital marketing consultant, IT Edge, is expanding their monthly initiative even further this month. Last month, IT Edge offered free services and benefits to restaurants seeking digital marketing services. This month, they’ve shifted their focus to lawyers and law firm digital marketing services.
Do you own your own practice? Are you looking to expand your firm? If so, keep reading to find out what IT Edge is offering this month!
IT Edge believes that one of the most important parts of running a successful business is having a professional look. Law is a very serious profession, and IT Edge wants your web presence to reflect that. IT Edge offers a comprehensive website design and management program. This means you can focus on your pressing tasks, while they handle designing, updating, and running your website. 
IT Edge has been a staple of the digital marketing community for over 30 years, and with over 400 clients. They’re truly professionals when it comes to digital marketing, and they want to prove it to you. That’s why this month, IT Edge is offering a free website consultation to lawyers and law firms. 
Legal work is time consuming. Don’t let your work take away from having a professional and powerful web presence. Let IT Edge handle it for you.
Curious as to what else IT Edge is offering this month?
Digital marketing is like a pyramid, with lots of little building blocks that stack on each other until you reach a peak. Having a professional and powerful website is just one of the building blocks that lead to an ideal digital marketing strategy. Search engine optimization services, or SEO services, take the next step in creating an effective digital marketing presence. 
In short, SEO services by IT Edge entail various practices that will help your website appear higher up and more often in a search engine results page. SEO services include writing relevant content about your business, which in turn is posted on your website. It also includes conducting keyword research to ensure that your website is including the most relevant keywords to your industry. 
The nice thing about SEO services, is that they essentially double as a lead generation service, leading you to acquire more clients. For example, if IT Edge goes through a thorough optimization process on your website, it will start to increase in popularity on search engines.
As a result of the increase in popularity, more people will be able to find your business, and contact you if they require your services.
This month, in addition to a free website consultation, IT Edge is offering one free month of SEO services. This way, you can see just how effective IT Edge and their strategies are. 
For over 30 years and 400 clients, business owners everywhere have been trusting IT Edge to boost their digital marketing presence and grow their business. They know how stressful it can be to run a business, let them alleviate some of that stress! IT Edge wants you to focus on what you’re best at, while they handle the rest.
Interested in these free services? Connect with IT Edge today!
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