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Creating a B2B digital marketing funnel is not a simple process, despite how it can look. You need to pay attention to details and reflect the pain points of your target audience
The concept of the marketing funnel strategy seems to be integral to most B2B businesses nowadays. The reason is that it allows turning leads into customers more efficiently and thoughtfully. It is possible due to the stages the B2B digital marketing funnel has and the effect it has on developing actions towards the leads.
Read on to know more about the B2B sales funnels and get an idea of how to build one.
B2B marketing sales funnel contemplates a concept that takes the customer journey of the prospect and divides it into several stages that reflect their intentions and the actions of the business. IN other words, it shows how the customer goes from mentioning your product to the purchase of it and how you can affect their decisions.
In particular, the model of the B2B marketing sales funnel contemplates the number of levels. As the B2B sales funnels differ from B2C ones, they can be more complicated and detailed. Why? The B2B clients often use products to deal with business issues and place practicality and effectiveness first, meaning more concerns and objections.
So what are the stages reflecting the B2B leads intentions?
The first refers to the awareness stage. Subject to the strategy, the marketers and sales teams elaborate content pieces to attract leads based on expertise and produce articles, videos, and ads to show the product and help identify the issue. The next one refers to the interest stage; from there, they focus more on value, providing solutions and guides, and creating a special offer that can interest the leads.
The subsequent stage is about the desire of the prospects. From there, the sales teams contact interested people via emails, calls, and targeted ads to persuade them to use the specific brand.
After it, the sales teams should encourage the people to take action and buy the product, offering more details, elaborating personal approaches, and offering things that can help their business in the long run. Lastly, every company wants to keep its customers. In the last stage, salespeople use B2B sales funnels methods to convince them to renew the subscription or repurchase the product.
Ultimately, the B2B digital marketing funnel is considered with setting the processes contributing to attracting, exciting, and keeping the customers in the long run.
Creating a B2B digital marketing funnel is not a simple process, despite how it can look. You need to pay attention to details and reflect the pain points of your target audience. Let’s consider the vital steps on the way to setting it:
First, even though it is primarily the responsibility of your marketing team, encourage your potential customers to go to see your product. Invite them to your website, and create pre-recorded videos or demos to show your product. Besides, create a social media page to display the features and produce content that will go viral or show your expertise. In the end, ensure people will subscribe to you to provide them with offers.
After they have subscribed and attended your webpage or LinkedIn page, it is time for you to show your clients the value your product offers.
Notably, some salespeople use targeted outreach and write people business emails with offers and information. In this regard, many salespeople would extract email from LinkedIn and propose to set a call or send a demo via email. If you are not intrusive and provide value first, focusing on relationship building, you will get a response.
As soon as you get the response, schedule a meeting or a demo so the B2B actors can evaluate your product. Now, show why you are better than your competitors and underline the points that will make your product more preferable in the long run.
Lastly, your B2B marketing sales funnel does not end with getting a customer; you should also develop a strategy to make your customers purchase more. That’s why re-engagement is crucial for the B2B funnel method. Send them emails and call them with the proposal to discuss new offers.For example, you need to know whether they are satisfied, and starting communication by asking for feedback may be a great idea.
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